Diabetic Friendly

diabetesThousands of people with diabetes or pre-diabetes are using Body By Vi Shakes to help lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Visalus shakes are a safe, healthy option for Diabetics with Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes to quickly shed pounds they need to lose, or to just get their health condition under control.  The Vi-Shape Shakes are a good option for someone who is looking for a low fat, low sugar, low carb, and low sodium meal replacement shake.  The ViSalus Shake is low glycemic (see below). 

Diabetics with weight issues often struggle to get their sugars under control.  The Body by Vi Challenge offers a weight loss solution that is fast, easy, tastes great and saves you money!  Imagine a shake that you can make a thousand different diabetic-friendly ways!

Because the Vi-Shape Shake mix contains only 1 gram of sugar per serving, it is the perfect meal replacement, and completely safe, for those diagnosed with Diabetes.  When the Vi-Shape Shakes are used to replace 2 meals a day to assist with weight loss, and are used in conjunction with healthy snacks and normal meals that comply with their meal plan for maintaining their health, people see extraordinary results!

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmedhealth/PMH0003092/  Body-By-Vi-diabetes

The Vi-Shape Shake’s glycemic load is very tiny.  The Vi-Shape Shake mix has 7 grams of carbs (primarily from fiber…which is a great carb!!!)
(7×40)/100 = 2.8 glycemic load.  Compared to an apple that has 6.

How Glycemic Load is Calculated:
The formula for calculating glycemic load is simple. Multiply the GI value of a food by the amount of carbohydrate per serving and divide the result by 100.

Spaghetti has a GI value of 40.  A serving (1 cup) contains 52 grams of carbohydrate.

The glycemic load of spaghetti is: (40 X 52) divided by 100 = 20.8 Example No 2 An apple has a GI value of 40 A serving (medium size apple) contains 15 grams of carbohydrate.

The glycemic load of an apple is: (40 X 15) divided by 100 = 6

The following videos are testimonies of those who have a diagnosis Diabetes, and had success with the Body by Vi Shape Shake in not only stabilizing their sugars, but also helping them to lose weight and gain a better overall healthy life!

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